The Features That We Provide Free But Others Charge

  • Premium Features

    App Installation

    Our free services include the installation, upload and configuration of the code, Database and Web services on the online web server, Google/Android Play store and Apple/iOS App store

  • Approval Of Apps On Playstore

    Approval Of Apps On Playstore

    We are fully responsible for our work and our apps. Since we follow optimised and rigid methods to develop the apps, they get instant approval on the Apple and Google Play Stores. We will ensure that your apps also gets instantly approved by the same.

  • White Labelling

    White Labelling

    Our package includes white labelling our Uber clone app and web panels on your company's name and brand at no extra cost.

  • Inclusion Of Manual Taxi Dispatch

    Inclusion Of Manual Taxi Dispatch

    Advanced feature that will allow Passengers to register a ride even if they don't have an Android or iPhone/iOS Phone. They can simply call and book a taxi, and you dispatch a taxi to them.

  • Now Or Later Feature

    Now Or Later Feature

    Passengers can opt to ride now or later. They can book a taxi for a later date or time and the system will process it accordingly, ensuring that the taxi is dispatched on the right date/time.

  • Diverse Languages

    Diverse Languages

    Along with English, your one primary language or lingua franca will be integrated into your system for free. Every other additional language will be integrated at economy rates. This includes all languages ranging from Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, French, etc.

  • Diverse Currencies

    Diverse Currencies

    Your one primary currency will be integrated into the system free of cost along with the USD. Every other additional currency will be integrated at economy rates.

  • Pricing Upsurge

    Pricing Upsurge

    This feature allows taxi companies to charge different rates during specific times and days (e.g. Early morning rush hour or Sunday evening can have higher rates)

  • God's Eye View

    God's Eye View

    The app owner will be able to see all his taxis on the world map using real-time GPS system, with their status i.e. busy or empty. This way he can keep track of all his taxis in real time as their exact location.

  • Heat View

    Heat View

    The app owner is able to see the area where there are maximum passengers looking for a taxi. This will enable him to take advantage of the situation and divert taxis to that location.

  • Panic / Emergency / Sos Button

    Panic / Emergency / Sos Button

    The passenger can hit the panic button in case of emergency. The site administrator, three of his contacts and the police will be sent a notification with the exact location.

  • Payment By Cash / Credit Card

    Payment By Cash / Credit Card

    Passengers can pay the driver by either cash or credit card. If the payment is via credit card, then the money will be automatically deducted once the ride is over. You can have both or one method of payment in the app.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    Want to keep an eye on the drivers' and passengers' activities, commission earned, rides taken, customer payment preference - cash or credit, which area has the most customers, etc then this is the feature which will allow you to do that.

  • Advanced Reports

    Advanced Reports

    With the help of this feature, you will be able to see how much you are earning, areas where you need to put more effort, i.e whether you need to increase the commission or do more marketing. With the help of these reports, you can plan your business well for maximum returns.

  • Pubnub Map Integration

    Pubnub Map Integration

    You can get this feature integrated into your app in addition to the Google maps. It adds extra power to the maps and will show the smooth movement of the cars on your map.

uber clone app

See What We Offer

We are happy to inform you that we have assisted many companies to launch Uber Clone - On Demand Taxi Service recently. And will be available to launch all Apps and Web Panels for you on your name on your server & play stores in just 3-4 working Days.

Our standard Package consists of following Apps & Web Panel's :

  • Uber Website
  • Passenger iOS App
  • Passenger Android App
  • Passenger Web Panel
  • Driver iOS App
  • Driver Android App
  • Driver Web Panel
  • Taxi Company Web Panel
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Billing Administrator Panel
  • Administrator Web Panel that will help manage the full workings of the App including Passengers, Rates, Drivers, Payments etc

Why We Will Be Your Perfect Choice

  • Apps That Are User-Friendly Apps That Are User-Friendly We have the insight and understanding that the drivers as well as other users may not be technically proficient and may find the idea of using mobile apps overwhelming. Therefore, we have ensured that our apps are made in such a way that allows easy understanding by everyone who uses them. We have made them easy to use and have rich user interaction.
  • Mobile App Development Experts Mobile App Development Experts Leaders in the Mobile Apps Industry, we have been doing this job since 2010. With our specialty and expertise in Apps and Systems Development related to transportation, we can confidently say that this is the best industry.
  • Over A Decade's Worth Of Experience In The Software Industry Over A Decade's Worth Of Experience In The Software Industry With over twelve years' experience, our leaders and managers have the detailed understanding of our clients' needs and what they would require running a successful business using Apps and Websites. With their experience, they make smooth deliverables and planned launches.

Support Included

Bug Support

We take pride in our work and that is why it is of supreme quality and a thoroughly tested and optimised uber app. However, if you find any bugs in our code, please do report them and we will work on in with a turnaround time of 1 working day. This service will be provided free for the first year.

Licence For A Lifetime

The software that you get will come with a lifetime license for one domain/ brand. With a one-off payment, your software will be covered for the duration of a lifetime.

Linux Server Installation

You will not require expensive licenses to host the code, as the Web Panels will work smoothly in open source Linux Servers. You will be informed of the server configuration that will be required for hosting the code by our technical team.

Open Source Database

We use MySQL, which is an open source and one of the safest databases. You will also not have to pay exorbitant prices for license renewal every year.

Free Support For Banner Images And Changes To Text

If you require any text or banner image changes, our team will make the relevant changes at no cost to you for the first week.

Our Bug Tracking Software At Your Service

A thorough live testing is done on all over products, on the road and using different devices so that all the bugs are eliminated. However, if there is a bug in the App, you just log into the bug tracking system and input the details. Our team will respond to your within 24 hours.

Open License Code For Customisations

We provide a 100% open license code that will allow all types of customizations. Any Senior Software Developer in your team will be able to make the relevant modifications in the code.

Advanced Features

Identification Of Caller
Identification Of Caller

Details like the passenger's pickup, drop off location, and other details can be seen by the driver before he accepts the fare.

History Of Transactions
History Of Transactions

This facility allows both drivers and passengers to see their transaction history and details of their previous rides and invoices. A copy of the invoice, details of the route and the amount paid can also be obtained from the transaction history.

Calculation Of Estimated Fare
Calculation Of Estimated Fare

The fare is dependent on the type of car used, and the distance to be travelled. To allow the rider to know how much it will cost him, he will get an estimate of the fare before he selects it.

Become Popular By Publishing The Promo Code
Become Popular By Publishing The Promo Code

The site owner can generate a promotion code depending on the demographics and constraints in terms of the discount amount or percentage, period of time and usage time.

Taxi And Driver Tracking System
Taxi And Driver Tracking System

once the driver accepts the fare, the passenger will be able to continuously see the taxi's location and motion in real time on the App's map. He can track the taxi approaching him and the once picked up, the location will continue showing until the ride is over.

Advanced / Scheduled Booking Of Rides
Advanced / Scheduled Booking Of Rides

This feature allows the passenger to book or schedule a ride in advance. This feature is ideal when passengers want to book early morning rides or when he might not be in position to book a ride i.e. late nights, booze parties, etc

Advanced / Scheduled Booking Of Rides
Surge Pricing

The taxi company can define different prices for different dates and times e.g. extra charges for late nights, peak office hours can have an inflated price.

Panic Or Emergency Button
Panic Or Emergency Button

Passengers can push the alarm button in case of emergencies. The police, the site administrator and three passenger contacts will be sent a message giving details of the exact location.

Inclusion Of Manual Taxi Dispatch
Inclusion Of Manual Taxi Dispatch

Passengers do not need to register with your app to book a taxi. They can simply call and book a ride so that you can dispatch the taxi to them.

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time to market : 48 hrs.

With our Uber App Clone script for an on-demand service or sharing economy idea, you can start your most profitable, sutomated mobile based venture yet, in less than 48 hours(Our installation time).

Invest In The Uber App Clone Today – The Best On Demand Taxi Business
  • The uber clone enables you to own and manage your own online taxi fleet
  • For every ride that your registered drivers make, you get a hefty commission
  • By rating each other, both passengers and drivers create a healthy atmosphere, making the ride an experience for both
  • The Uber script facilitates better passenger service
  • A fully automated payment and billing system between the passengers and the drivers
  • The admin panel of Uber Clone will enable you to get each driver's rides and his earnings
  • Unprofessional drivers can be eliminated from the system based on the reviews and ratings that they receive from the passengers.
Features Amendments
  • Completely Turnkey Completely Turnkey

    Place an Order for our ready made premium quality On demand taxi – Uber Clone App. And go live in just 2-3 days.

  • Transaction History Transaction History

    Both Passenger and Driver can check their Transaction and booking history

  • Pay By Credit card & Paypal Pay By Credit card & Paypal

    Payment will be processed through Passenger's Credit Card detail saved in their account

  • Switch Online / Offline Switch Online / Offline

    Driver can instantly go online and be offline on a single click based on their availability into the App

  • Immediately start Accepting Rides Immediately start Accepting Rides

    Drivers can be online and start accepting rides from neighboring passengers immediately

  • Immediately start Accepting Rides Accept / Reject Rides

    Driver can accept or reject rides based on his interest and availability to go for that ride


    The passenger can start the App and view all nearby active taxis while making the booking


    If a person has single taxi, he can register as a Driver. If he has more taxis under him, he will register as a company.

  • Optimized Sites and Apps Optimized Sites and Apps

    The sites are highly optimized to run on server with basic configurations

  • Multiple Currency Multiple Currency

    The Apps can be configured to have multiple currency. As for your local currency option to be set in your copy.

  • Multiple Language Multiple Language

    The Apps can be configured to have multiple Language. As for your local Language option to be set in your copy.

  • Multiple Payment Gateway Multiple Payment Gateway

    The Apps can be configured to have multiple payment Gateways. As for your local payment gateway option to be integrated in your copy.

Uber rider and driver application screen
Rider App Mobile verification screen
Rider submit ride request screen
ride booking confirmation screen
ride completed receipt screen

This is the perfect time to start a Uber like business for your niche! If you don't spot a solution for your business, we can build it exclusively for you.

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