Taxi Hire App

A Taxi Hire App that can be launched in just 4 days

Is there anyone who does not like the idea of earning quick and easy money? We present that perfect opportunity to do exactly that - a quick and easy way of earning money, by owning your own yellow taxi business using the new taxi hire app.

We have built our taxi cab app clone such that it will ensure that your cab booking company is the best as far as online cab companies are concerned. The taxi hire app clone is a uniquely cloned website that will help you in setting up your own business whilst ensuring that you get quick returns at the most reasonable prices.

Letting Your Customer App  Cab
What Is The Cost?

You only need to make a one-off payment to purchase this outstanding taxi booking app clone. As soon as you purchase the hire taxi app clone, you become the proud owner of a taxi hire application and website, "Hire a cab clone".

This site will allow millions of customers to hire taxis and share the fare as more and more people become part of the pool for a particular route(s). The yellow taxi clone is not only simple and unique but also easy to operate.

What Is In It For You?

Become the proud owner of a new and flourishing hire a cab clone website and application, by making that one off small investment. With this purchase, you not only become a smart entrepreneur, you also become the recipient of a lot of free services provided by our specialists' team.

What We Give You

The taxi hire app clone has been designed by our dedicated team in such a fashion that you do not have to sweat at all. The site is fully automated, including the quick and seamless monetary transactions.

We Offer:
  • Regular updates
  • Minor bugs are fixed free of cost
  • Free support 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • A smooth operation guaranteed by our after sales services
  • Site maintenance as well as dedicated troubleshooting for life
  • Future expansion includes features like multi-language and multi-currency
Call Now

Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to make it big. Don't take our word for it. Take a free tour of our fabulous site and get a feel for the product. You will simple be bowled over by its simplicity and functionality.

Opportunity only knocks once and that is why you should get out of your mundane routine and become the proud owner of a business that is definitely going places, and taking you along with it. Invest in the cool and new hire a cab clone and become an overnight success by beating all competition.

If you have any questions, contact us on +1-858-427-0668 or email us and we will get back to you with the answers to all your questions. We believe that you should get what you pay for and with us, you surely will so take that leap to make it big!

Take a look at the screenshots

UBER App Clone Passenger Panel

  • Passenger Panel Splash Screen
  • Passenger Panel Sign In Screen
  • Passenger Panel Sign Up Screen
  • Passenger Panel Verify Mobile Number
  • Passenger Panel Enter Verification Code
  • Passenger Panel Enter Verification Code 1
  • Passenger Panel Login Facebook
  • Passenger Panel Menu Screen
  • Passenger Rider App Pickup Location
  • Passenger Panel Set Date And Time
  • Passenger Panel Set Pickup Location and Different Categories Details
  • Passenger Panel Fare Details
  • Passenger Panel Fare Estimate Search Place
  • Passenger Panel Fare Estimate
  • Fare Estimate Confirmation Screen
  • Passenger Panel Select Destination Search Place Screen
  • Passenger Panel Select Destination Add Location Screen
  • Passenger Panel Request Pickup Location
  • Passenger Panel Location Confirmation Visuals
  • cash or card payment selection screen
  • Passenger Panel Card Details
  • Passenger Panel Fill Card Details
  • Passenger Panel Change Card Details
  • Passanger Confirm Card Change Detail
  • Requested Pickup Location Confirmation
  • Passenger Panel Enter Promo Card
  • Passenger Panel Promo Code Successfully
  • Passenger Requesting Screen
  • Passenger Panel Arriving Screen
  • Passenger Arrived Screen
  • Slide up for details screen
  • Driver Arriving Visual
  • Driver Arrived Visual
  • Passenger Panel Notification to Are You Sure Cancel Trip?
  • Passenger Panel Driver Arrived Call/Message
  • Passenger Panel Your Trip Started
  • UBER App Clone Passenger Panel EN Route
  • Passenger Panel Emergency Contact Screen
  • Passenger Panel Trip is Finished
  • Passenger Panel Rating Screen
  • My Wallet Screen
  • Amount Successfully Credited into your Account
  • Passenger Panel Your Transaction Screen
  • Passenger Panel Invite Friend Screen
  • Passenger Panel My Profile Screen
  • Passenger Panel About Us Screen
  • Passenger Panel Contact Us Screen
  • Passenger Panel Help Screen
  • Passenger Panel Driver Screen
  • Passenger Panel Ride history Screen
  • Passenger Panel Receipt Screen
  • Passenger Panel My Booking Screen
  • Add Emergancy Contact Screen
  • Show Passenger Emergancy Contact Screen

UBER App Clone Driver Panel

  • Driver Panel Splash Screen
  • Driver Panel Sign In Screen
  • Driver Panel Sign Up Screen
  • Driver Panel Create Account Screen
  • Driver Panel My Profile Screen
  • Driver Go Online Status
  • Driver Panel Select Your Car
  • Status changed to online
  • Driver Accept or decline request
  • Driver Panel Pick Up Details Screen
  • Driver Panel Passenger Detail Screen
  • Driver Panel Fill Up Why Cancel Trip Screen
  • Driver Arrived Pickup Location Confirmation
  • Slide to Begin Trip
  • Slide to End Trip
  • View Passenger Detail Screen
  • Cancel Trip Screen
  • Driver Panel Your Trip Price Sumaary Details
  • Driver Panel Rating Screen
  • Driver Panel notification Current Trip is Successfully Finished
  • My Wallet Visual
  • Amount Successfully Credited into Your Account
  • Driver Panel Your Transaction Screen
  • Car Details change Visual
  • Driver Panel Card Details Screen
  • Driver Panel Add Card Details
  • Driver Panel My Profile Screen
  • Driver Panel Edit Profile Screen
  • Driver Panel Ride History Scren
  • Driver Panel Your Trip Screen
  • Driver Panel Receipt Screen
  • Driver Panel My Bookings Screen
  • Driver Panel My Booking Screen in want to start trip
  • Driver Panel Rider Feedback Screen
  • Driver Panel Invite Friends Screen
  • Driver Panel About Us Screen
  • Driver Panel Contact Us Screen
  • Driver Panel Help Screen
  • Driver Panel Driver Screen


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