Start your own on demand delivery business using our app

On demand parcel delivery app, logistics industry is booming by the day. That is why there is a feverous need to get a website and a subsequent app for every business and startup today, be it for a service, product or a commodity. People are so busy trying to earn a living that they have no time to shop around to look for bargains, wandering from shop to shop. It is just easier to get stuff online and get it delivere to your doorstep. Once upon a time, I was totally against online shopping but once I tried it, I am hooked on it. I suppose is the case with everyone.

After seeing how convenient and efficient this service is, it is indeed a total waste of time, money and energy to try and go shopping, not to forget the heavy loads you have to carry back home from your shopping spree.

As far as eating is concerned, again people do not to wait in queues to be seated, or simply don’t have time to go out and eat. It is much easier to get food ordered at your doorstep whenever and wherever you want it.

Successful startups using the on demand technology include Instacart, Postmates, UberRUSH, and UberEATS. To meet the ever-increasing demand for apps that work on Uber technology, developers across the globe have started creating clones of successful on demand parcel delivery app. These apps are as efficient as Uber and come at a fraction of the cost that you would have to pay to create a brand new one.

These ready clones can be customized according to your business specifications and the end result is a brand new white labeled app for your delivery startup.

Start your Own Delivery Business

If you are a serious contender in the on demand delivery business then there are a number of options that you can choose from to start your business. These are options that are a necessity rather than a luxury and therefore you will never be short of clients.

  • Food delivery Business

This will work very similar to FoodPanda, Deliveroo, JustEAT and other similar apps. You provide a common platform for all the restaurants to register their services.

It will be like an online food court whereby users can choose foods from different eateries and get it delivered. Although not a new concept, with the right unique idea you can definitely rock the market.

Our alternative to this app is CubeFood Delivery. It is a very u user-friendly app and easy to use.

  • Laundry and dry cleaning

This app works by providing a platform for all Laundromats to register their services on the app. Clients can log onto the app and choose the laundry that they want to use for their dry cleaning etc.  This app works in a similar manner to Style.

We have CubeLaundry which is just as good as Style if not better. We customize the app according to your business specification.

  • Grocery Delivery

This is one app that will never be short of customers. Groceries are an everyday requirement for every household and the fact that they will be delivered to your doorstep whenever you want is just everyone’s idea of comfort and convenience.

Our answer to this app is our CubeGrocery app that allows you to upload, edit, change the grocery stores that you want to your app amongst other things. It is a smart and trendy app that not only offers convenience to all the shoppers but also to the stores as well as the app owners.

The above ideas are just a few that you can use to start yours on demand delivery business. There is portfolio of apps that provide other delivery services like marijuana, flower, wine delivery etc Just take your pick.

An app for all?

Alternatively, rather than just one type of delivery, you can specialize in multiple deliveries under one roof, just like Postmates. This means that you can deliver everything from food and groceries to drinks and cuisines of the world. In this case, the world is your oyster. Just decide and pick what you want to deliver.

Sort out your requirements and start your on-demand business

All you need to do is contact a developer to discuss your requirements and they do the rest for you. You will get the most amazing app for your delivery business, which will allow you start earning straight away. The app service provider will be with you with every step you take in furthering your business. After all your success is their success. Start the very successful venture of on demand parcel delivery app.

Why Choose Uber for Snow Plow?

Uber is a new application which helps you get connected to all the trusted and experienced snow clearance professionals in the town. No matter whether you are in search of a regular or occasional service, Uber is the right platform to choose. Uber for snow plow app has been designed in an appropriate way, keeping it simple and easy for the users to scroll and access. While accessing the service, clients need not have to enter into long term contracts; they can just avail the service and get rid of it once done.

Use the application

Surprisingly your snow can be cleared with a few taps. Well to begin with all you have to do is download Uber for snow plow and get started with it. Once you have the raised the requirement of clearance of snow, in no time the most experienced professionals from the town shall approach you for assistance. The professionals can then be approached as per one’s requirement and convenience.

Benefits of Uber for snow plow

Mere downloading and accessing on demand snow removal app can provide you varied benefits which have been listed below;

  1. Stay assured

    Uber has the most experienced and talented professionals hired on the job. So once if you have hired them for assistance, you can stay relaxed of approaching the best in town that is going to take care of clearance of snow in the best way possible.

  2. It is the right choice

    Upon choosing Uber you will be updated about the status of cleanliness once the task is over. In short, our professionals are going to send you an image of the place once snow is cleared from it.

  3. Proficient in dealing with sudden storm

    Have your place or activities been impacted due to sudden storm at the place. Well there is nothing to worry about, just book a query with Uber and rest of the things will be taken care of by the professional. You need not have to stress your back or body, snow shall be cleaned by the most skilled people of Uber.

  4. Free application

    One of the best things about accessing Uber is the application is free to download. Hence for individuals who are looking forward to use the app and want to gather more information about it, they can install the app for free and gain experience of using it.

  5. Quality service

    Quality is of supreme importance for customers these days and Uber makes a point to fulfil it. Once you have hired professionals from Uber, you can stay assured that the best service shall be provided to them. No matter what kind of snow has impacted your surroundings. All of it shall be taken care of with the assistance of Uber professionals.

uber for snow plow is indeed one of the best snow plowing applications that can be used with much convenience and comfort by the users.Hence for home and property owners who are dealing with piled up snow, it is high time you appoint Uber professionals and seek their assistance for snow clearance. Shoveling snow has never been so easy.

Get your Uber for roadside assistance Application

Imagine a day when your car breaks down or runs out of gas in the middle of a highway and you are not able to fix it on your own. In such circumstances, a person would need to get his car towed to the nearest available garage or mechanic. But how will you get a mechanic or road assistance? You may start searching for a roadside assistance service on Google but the results may not be useful. In such cases, you need uber for roadside assistance application which can get you a tow truck or a mechanic immediately to your car.

How uber for roadside assistance works

The application works with simple registration and service selection process without many complications. Below are some of the simple steps involved.

    • User registration

The app user needs to register via email or their mobile number. This is a one step one time or optional step. Also, there may be quick a registration option available to register via social media like Facebook or Google.

    • Service selection

User needs to select a service from the available option like tire repair, towing ,battery replacement, accidental help, dead battery etc.

    • Share location

User needs to provide his location to the service provider.

    • Vehicle information

Customer needs to share his vehicle information like registration number, model number and select from the list of added vehicles for easy identification of vehicle to be towed by the professional so that required tow vehicle can be used.

    • Service level agreement

Service provider will share an approximate timeline when the tow professional or mechanic will reach to the customer and help him fix the issue or get the car to the nearby garage.

Features of the Application

Below are some of the key features of the Tow truck app.

  • Easy on boarding

    the registration step will be extremely quick and easy via phone number, email or social media profiles.

  • List of services 

    Users will get a list of services from which he/she can choose like battery repair / replacement, tyre burst, etc

  • Share location and add vehicles 

    Another key feature of this application is that it lets you share location and add vehicles so that the service provider can provide a suitable vehicle to the user.

  • Estimated cost 

    The application also gives approximate value of service charges

  • Notifications 

    App users will get regular updates and notifications by SMS or push notifications

  • Easy payment options 

    Customers can choose to pay from different options like Debit / Credit card, wallets, cash etc.

  • Provide Feedback, review and ratings 

    Another important feature of this application is that it provides option to review, rate and provide feedback

  • SOS button 

    An important SOS button would be provided in the app so that emergency contacts can be alerted in case required.

The on demand Uber for roadside assistance application will consist of three main stakeholders. First is the customer or app user who needs assistance. Second is the service provider or the truck mechanic who will be the professional providing assistance and third will be the admin or towing company owner who will be the admin of the application and manages the services. Customers and mechanics need to install application and choose their roles when logging in whilst the towing company will use admin user to manage the application usage, make changes, handle customer queries etc.

The admin stands to benefit for providing this service such that for every job booked through the app, they stand to get a commission. Would you like to invest in the uber for roadside assistance and subsidize your income?

Launch your own App based Taxi Business

“Uber is not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator license” is the verdict that the Transport for London has passed in the capital city of England. The service has therefore been scrapped altogether. This is indeed a very big blow for Uber.

London is the third busiest city on the world after New York and Tokyo, and for Uber services to be scrapped altogether is not only a big blow for the company but also for the patrons who were using it for their daily business.

Home to the best transport system in the world, the city of London offers many opportunities for anyone who wishes to invest in the transport industry here, including taxi businesses.

Fill in the gap left by Uber

The scrapping of Uber has indeed been a big blow to the taxi industry here but it has also created a lucrative opportunity for anyone who wants to start their own Uber like taxi service here.

Any entrepreneur who wishes to milk the taxi market should therefore launch their business in London. Remember, the metro city of London is not only home to 8.63 million people but also has the most tourists visiting it every year. The city also has the world’s busiest airports too. It is therefore a surety that the taxi industry will definitely thrive here.

It would be foolish not to get into the on demand taxi industry now, whilst the city is still coming to terms with the fact that Uber is no longer operational.

What is an Uber like taxi app?

This is simply an app that has been built using a similar technology to Uber’s business model. It does exactly the same thing that Uber does, sometimes more depending on the developer. The features and template can be customize to suit your business requirements.

How the app based cab business works

Coming of three, the passenger app is use for riders who want taxi and therefore want to look for one. The driver app is for drivers to avail themselves for driving services so that riders can choose their taxi ride. The admin panel is the hub of the whole system whereby all the transactions and records are control. It is also responsible for facilitating communication between the riders and the drivers.

Uber successful business model can be tweak to represent your business and modus operandi. The taxi apps are offer a complete white labele solution for many developers. All you need to do is contact them and speak to them about how you want your business to work and what features you want so that it stands out in the market.

London is the land of opportunities and the following on demand taxi app  services can offer.

Airport rides

Home to the busiest airports in the world, where a flight lands and takes off every second, you will have riders by the hordes who want lifts to and from the airport. Although airports have parking facilities, they are expensive and therefore the localities prefer to use taxis when travelling to and from the airport.

Sightseeing rides

London is a city visited by millions of tourists every year – these tourists use taxis for their sightseeing. This again is a very lucrative venture for you.

Station Rides

The tube underground network is the best in the world and is use by the locals to commute to and from work. However to get to the station on a cold morning is something no one wants to do. A taxi would therefore be the ideal solution to this problem. It is actually a very common sight to see taxis right outside the tube stations.

You now have your work cut out for you. All you now need is a developer to help you develop your cab app so that it meets your business needs. Get talking to one and start your new year with brand new taxi Business in busiest cities in the world.