Process to Start Uber for Dry Cleaning Business

That special suit that you love to wear to work needs dry cleaning or that evening gown that you wore to a dance, has to be dry-cleaned. In today’s extremely busy world, taking clothes to the dry cleaners and back takes time and you have to work it into your schedule. What if you could simply get a dry-cleaning service, on your smart phone that picks up your dirty laundry and return it all dry-cleaned? Uber for Dry Cleaning is just that – an on demand dry cleaning app that picks up your dry cleaning and returns it all fresh and clean.

How does Uber for Dry Cleaning Work?

As a client, you would need to download the app from the app store on either iOS or Android and register with your personal details and payment information. When you need some item of clothing to be dry-cleaned. You just log on to the app, select the details of the service, like the count et al. It will show you what each item will cost. You can also enter your preferred date and time for dry cleaning pickup.

Once you have specified what you want, the request is sent to all nearby dry cleaning service providers. One of them will pick up the request and once you confirm the order, a text message and email notification is sent to the dry cleaning service provider. The provider will then pick up your clothes at the time you specified. After delivery, the requisite amount is deducted from your credit or debit card and an invoice is sent to both you and the service provider. There is also an option to provide feedback for both you and the dry cleaning service provider.

How to Start an On Demand Dry Cleaning App Service?

If you want to launch an on demand dry cleaning app of your own, here is how you need to go about it usually:

  1. You first need to check out the app and see if it is ideal for the business idea you have in mind or if it requires any customizations.
  2. If you need the language or currency customized for your business you need to let the developer know.
  3. The app will be configured, and launched on your service – a complete white labeled solution with your logo and brand. The app will also be launched on the app stores you have specified.
  4. You can start earning commissions immediately for each dry-cleaning booking you get through the app.

Components of an On Demand Dry Cleaning App

When you place an order with a standard on demand dry cleaning app service provider, you should be getting the following components built into your package:

  • Dry cleaning website
  • Customer iOS and Android app
  • Customer Web Panel
  • Dry Cleaning Service Provider iOS and Android app
  • Dry Cleaning Service Provider Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to administrate the working of the app

Key Features of an On Demand Dry Cleaning App

A good app service provider will provide you will the following features, if you but their Uber for dry cleaning app:

Currency and Language Support:

You should be able to get the system in your local language and currency.

Potential Customer View:

You should be able to see which are you will be getting the maximum customers in.

Payment Method:

Your clients should be able to choose if they want to pay by card or cash.

Real Time Tracking:

The app should have real time tracking for the dry cleaning service offered.


The client should be able to book a service right then or schedule it for a later time.

Marketing Feature:

Your app should have promo code and referral feature, so that you can get more customers quickly.

Launching an on demand dry cleaning app is easy. Do your research online and fill up a request form for details and pricing, or you can get it by phone or e-mail. Become a dry-cleaning king in no time at all!