Taxi Booking App – A complete Uber Clone for Drivers and Riders

The on demand taxi trend has moved in leaps and bounds since the concept of Uber. Nowadays Uber is just in a long list of on demand taxi apps. Although it is still a recognized brand, there are many taxi apps that have sprung up locally in a bid to give both the riders and drivers the best riding experience.  One such app that is making a global mark is Cubetaxi, a taxi booking app that works on the same technology and concept as Uber.

It is a complete solution that consists of a driver app, the rider app and a web based admin panel which allows the owner to monitor and manage the complete riding activity of both the drivers and the passengers.

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The Cutting Edge Technology of the taxi booking app clone

With the inevitable and lightning development in IT all across the globe, it becomes imperative for all businesses globally to embrace and be part of this great digital revolution. In the last couple of years, this digital revolution has also given birth to the mobile app technology which has further shrunk down the globe to the smartphones and other personal digital assistants. Taxi booking app clone technology has touched all possible interfaces of our day to day life right from booking a hotel room/plane or train ticket or online shopping to ordering a coffee or a doughnut. interfaces of our day to day life right from booking a hotel room/plane or train ticket or online shopping to ordering a coffee or a doughnut.

The unique and smart taxi booking app

The Taxi Booking App Clone is actually a set of two mobile applications, one each for the driver and passenger for perfect synchronisation of the whole taxi booking process. The driver app accepts the requests for the bookings and traces the user’s location. The passenger app is used for booking a cab and tracking its position in real time.

For Android and iOS systems, the Taxi Booking App Clone, works in real time.  It has integrated an mobile payment system which ensures that the payment is automatically done for all signed up drivers.

This amazing technology proficient apps are loaded with unique features which are mentioned below:

The Passenger App:

Registration: Passengers can directly register from their mobile app once they download it. After registration, they can start using it immediately.

Debit/Credit Cards Registration : For easy and automatic payment, users can register their debit/credit cards on the app. This ensures that all financial transactions are securely conducted and the app is Peripherol Component Interconnect (PCI) compliant.

Tracking in Real Time: The major advantage of this app is that it tracks the availability of the drivers in the immediate vicinity and also allows the driver to check the pick up location once he logs on. It also allows riders to track their drivers in real time and also trace the route being taken.

Location of the Pickup: Users/Passengers have the facility to set their location by setting the destination on the app. It can also be auto- located by keeping the “Location On” mode on the smartphone.

Selection of  Cab Type: Users can select the type of taxi they want to ride in – sedan, hatchback, limousine, smart, mini etc. Price per kilometre, base fare, waiting charges etc are also displayed.

Calculation of Fare: This facility enables the app to calculates the distance between the pick-up and destination point

Automatic Payment: The auto payment option allows the rider’s payment to be automatically deducted after the completion of the journey. A copy of the invoice is sent to both the passenger and the registered email address.

Reviews and Ratings: Open to passenger and user feedback, both the driver and the rider can rate each other. The passenger can rate the taxi’s condition and write a review of their ride and experience with the Taxi Booking App Clone.

The Driver App:

Registration: The driver has the facility to register direcly from their mobile app. However it will only go live once the admin approves the driver, after verifying his documents.

Approval of booking: The driver has a window of  15 seconds to accept new booking requests.

Booking History: The driver will be able to track the booking history and check the status of each. This includes any cancelled bookings as well.

This amazing app with its smart features is definitely the future of all the taxi businesses in the world.

The fairer sex radicalising the future of on demand taxi driving

There are times when I sit in the passenger seat of a car driven by a male, and we come across a car trying to go by but is slow.  Alternatively, we are at a traffic junction, the car in front of us takes a split second longer to move, you can bet that 90% of the time, the driver of the opposite car is a female. And the next thing I hear is my driver swearing something along the lines of ……female drivers!

Globally men do not like the idea of female drivers behind the wheel but research and statistics show that women are definitely the better and more careful drivers. In fact, so true is the statistic that insurance companies in certain countries actually offer cheaper car insurance to female drivers than their male counterparts. Women may be slower at the wheel but they definitely have a lower accident rate and if they do, the damage is minimal. Women drivers are less aggressive, practice safe driving and tend to stay away from road rages.

Female drivers wanted!

Gone are the days when men were considered the bread earners whilst the women looked after home and children.  Today the female population has moved far forward that they are probably more capable if not equal to men in every field.  For every job, the number of female applicants is the same as male applicants, maybe more. There are certain skills that were considered “masculine” and driving is one of them.

Many companies look to hire female drivers because they provide a “safe” picture to their clients. In an era where you get anything from drunk and reckless to dopped drivers, female passengers feel much safer and secure riding in a car driven by a female driver.

Why driving for uber script is ideal for women

The business of on-demand driving is thriving by the day. The concept of being driven around in a car is a catching disease that is spreading like an epidemic as more and more people opt to do away with cars and driving.

Many entrepreneurs around the globe are capitalizing on this by launching their own Uber Clone Script. This has therefore created a need for on demand taxi drivers and therefore a fantastic earning opportunity for women. Many mothers are frustrated, as they have nothing to do whilst their children are at school, which is like a good six hours at least, maybe more. These six hours can be put to good use if they choose to drive for owners of the Uber Clone Script.

These mothers can easily drive and earn during this period because the Uber script is designed in such a way that the driver app can be activated and deactivated depending on when the driver is available. Therefore, once the driver is ready to start duty, she activates the app and deactivates it when she has completed her working day.

Some of these on-demand scripts offer specialized rides like “ladies only” ride, which make it perfect for both the female driver as well as the female passengers.

Other specialized rides that are ideal for female drivers are airport pickups and drop offs or shopping trips and the all female hen party is always a hit.

Another type of ride that is ideal for the fairer sex is the “Kids only” rides. Here, there no threat of being assaulted.

Some female drivers may be apprehensive about taxi driving due to safety and security issues. However, with on-demand driving, passengers have to give their personal details when they register so in the rare event that they assault the driver, they can be reprimanded easily.

An added advantage of working for such companies is that the drivers do not get involved in taking fares of passengers, which can tend to make the experience ugly if riders refuse to pay the fares. The fully automated payment service takes this out of the payment equation, giving a woman wanting to drive that extra bit of motivation.

If you do a decent shift every day, female drivers do earn a respectable amount of money that they can use to add to the household income and put away for a rainy day.

As a female, I say to all those aspiring drivers that let us show the world what female drivers can do and achieve. The perfect job for any woman who wants to have a perfect work-life balance, on demand taxi driving.