Uber For Escorts

An Escort Agency With Class, Elegance And Glamour

Invest in the most successful realm of the hospitality industry with the Rendevu clone, an escort on demand app that offers whatever your clients' fantasy is just at the click of a button on their phone!

Uber for Escorts
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The Perfect Script

Uber for Escorts is a very well documented app that we have created by structuring on tried and tested bestselling Taxi Apps. These apps are pre-approved by the Google Play Stores and Apple Stores.

The Escort Website, Escort & Client Web panels that we provide are 100% responsive and will show up on all your personal digital assistants such as iPhones, iPads, all types of Smart Phones, tablets and PC Browsers. The whole package is power packed with an amazing sub system which helps the site owner to control manage and use this fabulous app just perfectly.

uber for escorts app script

  • On Demand Escort app graphical flow
  • Uber for Escorts App Splash Screen
  • Uber for Escorts app introduction screen
  • Client and Escort login/registration screen
  • Client and Escort account verification screen
  • On Demand Escort App Menu Screen
  • Client choose the Escort service they want
  • Client book a Escort
  • Escort get online
  • client choose payment mode
  • Client sending request to Escort
    Escort accept or reject client request
  • Escort accepted job request
  • Internal Chat Feature
    Internal Chat between Client and Escort
  • Escort reaches at the job location
  • Client and Escort job started screen
  • Escort job completed screen
  • On Demand Escort App invoice summary screen
  • client app book later option screen
  • Client select best Escort in their area
  • upcoming and pending job request screen
  • On Demand Escort App job history screen
  • On Demand Escort App view past and upcoming jobs
  • escort manage services
  • Client and Escort payment option screen
  • Escort job and earnings statastics screen
  • Client and Escort edit profile and invite friends to join app
  • emergency button for Client and Escort
  • Client and Escort feedback screen
  • On Demand Escort App support menu & about us screen
  • On Demand Escort App contact us & help screen
  • On Demand Escort app terms and conditions & privacy policy screen
Core Feature of cubeescorts
God Eye View Feature multicurrency and multilanguage
Booking Scheduling Feature


No One Has To Be Lonely Anymore!
  • Everyone needs companionship at one point or another, be it a professional reason or a personal one. For those deepest darkest and loneliest moments, Uber for Escorts is the answer.
  • Whether someone is looking for someone to get intimate with or to simply spend some quality time to forget about all their worries, whether they don't want to end up going alone for a movie or desperately need a date to take to a wedding, all they have to do is simply log on to our app, follow the user-friendly navigation to book your escort.
  • First the user will be required to make their selection as per their taste, based on gender, category and other preferences as mentioned in the app.
  • The rates of the service providers will be mentioned in order to help the user in making his preferable choice. The total price will be calculated by the app itself based on the duration of the service as mentioned in the app at the time of starting and ending it.
  • A list of all the escorts in your area will be provided with their profiles. The user can click and choose as per their tastes and confirm the booking. On the confirmation of their booking all their details will be sent to the user via a text message or an email.
  • The user and the Escort service provider can both contact each other the moment the confirmation of the booking happens.
  • On completion of the duration or the service demanded the payment will automatically be deducted from the preset payment information as entered by the user.
  • A receipt or invoice will be sent to both parties and they are free to rate each other based on their experience.
  • While all of this is happening, you, being the app owner get a rewarding commission!
  • Uber for hookers is absolutely seamless, 100% hassle-free and totally beneficial for all the parties involved. Your escort on demand app helps people lose their loneliness while you make money!

Demo of Uber for Escorts App

Becuase of legal rules of some countries, we are not able to list demo of on demand escort app on our webpage.
Check Step-by-Step Graphical Flow of Escorts app. Contact us for Demo.

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Uber For Escorts -A Window To Pleasure!

Technology and digitisation of practically everything in this world has made it possible for us to enjoy a plethora of joys. As more and more people are turning to various digital means for companionship, be the first one to have an escort sex on demand app to make it even easier for your clients to push loneliness away and feel wanted again.

And while all the hard work is being done by your app, you can just sit back and enjoy a commission per booking! No other app can change your life so easily.

uber for strippers sex on demand App
Escorts Web panel's

Web Panel's Included

The Whole Hospitality Pandora - A Sensational Website, A Classy Escort Panel And A Discreet Client Panel - The Ideal Genie In Your Bottle!

The package that we have made already consists of a few very pleasurable preset services. However, there is no limit to how one can give and receive joy in companionship, so, if you have any spicy ideas to zing up the app, feel free to speak to us. We will surely incorporate it in the best possible way to ensure that your app and website absolutely alluring.

With this app, you can ensure that you have the best business right in your hands without having to worry about anything operational at all. Our smart Uber for escorts app is the first ever hottest sensation in this business with the best service offerings. Easy money and lots of it can be yours just as soon as you get this app.

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