The Exclusive Uber Clone Features

Uber Clone - Your On Demand Taxi Booking System

You can order your copy of the Uber app clone and we will do the rest. We will set it up with your company name and logo, and Splash Screen on both your Android/Google Play Store, and Apple Store. We will also white label your Web Panel and set up your web server.

Sit back and relax while our technical experts take care of all the finer details from the beginning until the end. Our team will deliver your app in just 3-5 days. Upload installation and launch will be done for you at no cost. We will also not charge you for setting your preferred additional language and currency.

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Uber clone script features

  • App Installation

    uber app installation process

  • App Approval on Play Store and App Store

    App Approval in play store

  • White labeling

    white labeled uber clone

  • Wallet

    uber app wallet feature

  • Heat View

    heat view in driver app

  • Invite Friends

    invite friends & earn referral

  • Manual Taxi Dispatch

    Manual  Taxi Dispatch Included

  • Ride Later

    Ride now or Ride later feature

  • Languages

    Multiple Languages

  • Currencies

    Multiple Currencies

  • Surge Pricing

    Surge Pricing

  • Gods Eye View

    God's Eye View

  • Heat View

    Heat View

  • Emergency Button

    Emergency Button

  • payment Mode

    Pay by cash or credit card

  • Advanced Analytics

    Advanced analytics

  • Advanced Reports

    Advanced reports

  • Integration of PubNub

    Integration of pubnub

  • User Rights management

    Admin user rights management

  • Manual Taxi Dispatch In Company Panel

    Manual Taxi Dispatch

  • Secutiry

    App Security

  • Call Center

    Call Center Dispatch panel

  • Billing

    Billing Administrator

  • Tips

    Tips to Driver



Passenger caller Identification


Rider and Driver Transaction History


Fare Estimator Calculation for Rider


App online/Offline mode features


Accept or reject Rides features










Riders Set Favourite Locations feature


Passenger Invoices


Publish Promo Code for Passenger


Accept Booking VIA Phone, Email & SMS feature


SEO Settings for Webpanels


Rider Export Information & Data for MIS


Passenger Cancel Booking Feature


Email Notifications


In-App Navigation for driver to know the route


IOS/iphone App Built in Swift Native for Driver & Passenger


Google/Android App Built in Native for Driver & Passenger


Web Panel's Built in Core PHP Following OOPS/MVC Concepts


Standard Google Maps Used in App


Stripe Payment Gateway


SMS Authentication for Driver and Rider


SET Destination Feature


Advanced/Backend Admin Panel


Driver-Rider Communication


Commission Traking Report


Review & Rating Feature


Track Taxi & Driver Feature


Track Drive's Rating


Schedule Booking for a Later Time


System Compatible with Cloud Based Servers


Passenger Facebook Login


Choose Distance Metrics Feature


Define the Driver's Range


Taxi Company Panel


Rider's Feedback Analysis


Advanced FAQ Section

Advanced BackupFeatures

Our system is highly optimized and secure. We have recently added below 2 features related to safety and security of your Business & Apps.
  • GPS signals

  • backup of database

Support Included

Support for bugs

Support for bugs

Life time license

Life time license

Installation in Linux Servers

Installation in linux server

Open Source Database

Open source database

Free support for Banner Image & Text Changes

Free support for images & text changes

Dedicated support by Bug Tracking Software

Support by bug tracking software

License code open for customizations

License code open for customizations

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Get your Uber Clone app - On-Demand taxi system launched on your brand name, with your preferred currency and language in just 3-4 days. Place an order with us, and site back and relax, our tech team will take care of whole process from setup till installation & launch on your Android/Google & iOS/Apple Play Stores.

Our standard Package consists of following Apps & Web Panel's :

  • Uber Website
  • Passenger iOS App
  • Passenger Android App
  • Passenger Web Panel
  • Driver iOS App
  • Driver Android App
  • Driver Web Panel
  • Company Web Panel
  • Administrator Web Panel
Uber clone package
  • apps are user friendly Our Apps Are User Friendly

    Since we are aware that all users of our apps may not be technically proficient we have ensured that our apps are easy to follow and all users can understand them. Our apps have rich user interaction and easy to use, from driver, passenger and admin.

  • mobile app development experts Mobile App Development Experts

    Since we started developing apps in 2010, we have moved from strength to strength and are leaders in the mobile apps industry. We have mastered the unique knack of developing systems and apps related to transportation and the share economy. There is no other expert in this field apart from us.

  • experience that spans over a decade Experience That Spans Over A Decade

    With over 12 years worth of experience, our leaders and managers understand what our clients’ requirements are for their business to be successful using apps and websites. This experience is what they rely on when making planned launches and smooth deliverables.

Uber app clone functionality
Driver app
Three Algorithms Are Available For Ride Allotments To Drivers

As the owner you have the facility to select the option from the Admin panel and decide the algorithm you want. This facility gives you full control of managing your business and the app the way you want.

As soon as a passenger enters his ride details on the app to search for and subsequently book a trip, all available drivers in the locality will receive a request/notification.

The request can be sent in the following three ways:
  • nearest firstThe Nearest FirstThe driver who is nearest to the rider will receive the request first. If he declines it, the request will be forwarded to the second nearest and so on till the request is accepted by a driver. However the request will only be sent to drivers who are within a certain radius from the rider. This radius is set by the admin, and can be changed depending on the demand for rides in any vicinity.
  • rule of competitionThe Rule Of CompetitionAll drivers who are in the certain radius set by the admin will receive the ride request. The driver who accepts and confirms the ride first will get the custom.
  • first in first outFirst In First Out (FIFO)Here, the driver that has been "available" for the longest period will get the request first. In the event that he does not accept it, the request will be forwarded to the second driver and so on till the ride is accepted. First preference is given to the driver who availed himself earlier, hence the concept of FIFO.
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available languages available currencies
Server requirement
Linux server configuration
Linux web hosting server


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