On Demand Beauty Apps

Run A Digital Salon Without Cuttings any Hair Or Painting any Nails With Uber for Beauty Services

The ladies of this world need an on demand beauty treatment at any time of the day or night that only beautician app can provide, making your bank balance attractive too in the process.

on demand beauty apps
Free Features of CubeBeautyService App
  • cubebeautyservice apps installation
  • cubebeautyservice apps approval on play stores
  • white labeling
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Reports
  • Wallet
  • Life Time License
  • Licensed Code Open for Customization's
  • Responsive Web Panel's
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Give Glamour And Beauty To The Lovely Ladies With On Demand Beauty Apps That Is Solely Yours

  • All women like to look pretty but have to pay a hefty price in the process, either financial or by way waiting in the endless queues that are usually associated with reputed salons. Give these women what they want - a beauty treatment that is reasonably cheap and there is no waiting time by investing and launching the Beauty on demand app.
  • All ladies who need a beauty treatment to accentuate their looks will first have to download the cubebeautyservice app and register on it. Registration involves inputting personal details like name, address etc along with the details of the card that will be used for payment purposes.
  • When the lady feels that her looks are diminishing and need an enhancement, all she needs to do is log onto the on demand beauty apps and select the service that she wants. There is a long list of services which include treatments like waxing, hair, makeup, manicure, pedicure, threading etc. After she has selected the service she requires, she will be taken to a subcategory where she will define exactly what she wants. For example, if a client has chosen hair, the subcategories that will come up will include hair treatments like tinting, bleaching, trimming, highlights, colour, cut, wash and blow-dry etc.
  • online beauty salon
  • The lady will also input details of the date, time and venue of the treatment. The option to book a treatment immediately or at a later time and date is available. Once all the details have been completed, all the beauty therapists who are available at the stated time will appear on the app screen. Each beauty treatment provider has their own details on the beautician app. These include their profile, qualifications, experience, ratings and reviews etc. The client can view all these details of all the beauticians and then select the one they feel is most suited for their requirements.
  • As soon as the client books a beautician, that beauty therapist will receive details of the booking via an email and text message. The beautician will then deliver the services at the time and date requested by the client. Once she has delivered the service, she will tap the app to indicate the same. This will trigger the system to generate an invoice, a copy of which goes to the client and the beautician via email. At the same time, payment will also be deducted from the client's payment card. Both the client and the beauty provider can rate and review each other and their experience.
  • The beauty treatment is not only for your clients - your account gets a treatment too - money straight into it for every treatment booked.

Delivering Beauty And Glamour To The Fairer Sex Whilst Giving Your Finances A Lifetime Treatment

As long as there are mirrors and vanity, there will be no end to the ever flourishing beauty industry. Professionals who want to make an extra effort for a client they want to rope in, or a client party they need to attend or even a corporate one can get that immediate beauty treatment all the few taps on the beauty on demand app.

Don't keep the ladies waiting - give them that treatment that they so desperately want and beautify your coffers too in the process. A booming business that you can start in just two days!

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beautician apps beauty on demand iPhone app
4 Steps to Your Product
  • Download our Apps
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps
Core Features of beauty Apps
Real Time Tracking System
Web Panels Included
The Whole Vanity Package - A Glamorous Website, A Stimulating Beautician Panel, And The Self Loving Client Panel - An App That Not Only Makes You Look Glam But Your Bank Account Too

We have designed a beauty app with a pre-set list of services. However, if you are looking for delivering a beauty experience that no one can match, all you need to do is discuss your idea with us and for sure we will design the app of your dreams - an alluring app that will make your business successful.

Change the way beauty treatments are being delivered by investing in an on demand beauty apps - an online business that you can run single handed, literally by sitting at home. This app is the perfect business opportunity for all those women who fancy being in the glamour industry but have not been successful - here's your chance to pursue your dream. Deliver beauty treatments and earn for it too! Can't get any more beautiful, can it?

web panels


  • cubebeautician user app splash screen
  • user app sign in screen
  • user app sign up screen
  • user app menu navigation screen
  • user app category selection screen
  • user app sub category selection screen
  • user app nearby available beautician screen
  • user app nearby available beautician map view
  • user app short detail of beautician screen
  • user app send request screen
  • user app booking option screen
  • User App Request later option select time & Date Screen
  • user app booking confirmation screen
  • user app payment option screen
  • user app enter promo code screen
  • user app enter card detail screen
  • user app change card detail screen
  • user app add credit card detail screen
  • user app requesting beautician screen
  • user app beautician arriving screen
  • user app beautician arrived screen
  • user app contact beautician via call or msg screen
  • user app job started notofication screen
  • user app job completed screen
  • user app payment history screen
  • user app review and rating screen
  • user app my profile screen
  • user app manage card detail screen
  • user app my wallet screen
  • user app job history screen
  • user app job done receipt screen
  • user app invite friends screen
  • user app emergancy contact screen
  • user app about admin screen
  • user app contact us screen
  • user app help/faq screen
  • user app general question answer screen


  • beautician app splash screen
  • beautician app sign in screen
  • beautician app sign up screen
  • beautician app go online status screen
  • beautician app menu nevigation screen
  • beautician app status online screen
  • beautician app job request accept or reject screen
  • beautician app request accept notification
  • beautician app navigate customer location screen
  • beautician app status arrived screen
  • beautician app job started notification screen
  • beautician app upload photo before starting the job screen
  • beautician app job completed status screen
  • beautician app upload customer photo screen
  • beautician app price summary screen
  • beautician app review and rating screen
  • beautician app job completed successfully screen
  • beautician app my profile screen
  • beautician app my wallett screen
  • beautician app job history screen
  • beautician app daily earning screen
  • beautician app job completed receipt screen
  • beautician app heat view screen
  • beautician app invite friends screen
  • beautician app customer feedback screen
  • beautician app about us screen
  • beautician app contact us screen
  • beautician app help-faq screen
  • beautician app general question answer screen


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