The Dual Combo Of On Demand Delivery App Clone With Uber Taxi Clone

Set Up Your Own Uber Taxi And Delivery Business And Start A Revolution Like No Other

Uber Delivery Clone - smart riding and smart delivering - it cannot get any smarter!

On Demand Delivery App with Taxi Clone
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Uber Delivery And Taxi Business solution

How The Smart On Demand Delivery App Clone Works

  • A perfectly synchronized dual solution, this app is designed to ride and/or deliver to bring maximum returns for your business.
  • If anyone is looking for a ride or even want a parcel delivered, they will first need to register on the app, by providing their personal details as well as details of the card that will be used to make payments.
  • Anytime they want to use the service, they will log onto the app and select ride or delivery, depending on what their requirements.
  • RIDE - If they opt for a ride, then they will be asked to select the type of car they wish to travel in, and details about where and when they want to go. Details of all available drivers in the area will come up on the app and the rider can choose the driver of their choice after reading the profile, ratings, and reviews of each.
  • The chosen driver will accept the ride, which will also make it possible for a chat and text communication between the rider and the driver. Riders can also track their vehicle in real-time, knowing its exact location at all times as it makes its way to pick him up.
  • Once the rider has reached his destination, the ride will be marked as completed on the app and the payment will automatically get deducted from the rider's card. Both the driver and rider also have the option of rating and reviewing each other.
  • DELIVERY - If you want a package or parcel delivered, then you choose that option. You then get to choose the mode of transport to be used for the delivery i.e. bicycle, foot, lorry, truck, rail, car, scooter etc depending on what you want to be delivered and where you want it delivered. The user will also need to input the details of what he wants to be delivered, where he wants it delivered and when he wants the delivery done after, he has chosen the mode of transportation. Once all these details have been fed into the app, the user will get an estimated price of what the service is going to cost him, depending on the chosen mode of transport.
  • All couriers that meet the user's criteria will appear on the screen. The profile, rating, and reviews of each courier can also be seen by clicking on the courier. Users can pick the one that best meets their criteria after which the chosen courier will be able to communicate with the user. The chosen courier will also receive a text message, showing the details of what the delivery is, the date and time of where it will be delivered.
  • At the prescheduled time, the courier will make his way to the pre-arranged pick up point. Once he has picked it up, he will update that fact on the on demand courier delivery app using Uber, by marking the delivery as "started". The receiver will receive a verification code via text message. This will enable the receiver to track the parcel as it makes its way to deliver the package.
    When the courier reaches the destination, he will give the package to the receiver. The receiver will then give the verification code to the courier, who will input it into the app, making the transaction complete on the Uber for Parcel Delivery. This will trigger the process of invoicing, with both the sender and courier receiving a copy each. The payment is deducted from the sender's payment card as soon as the "Collect Payment" is selected on the on-demand delivery app using Uber by the courier. The facility for both the courier and the sender to rate and review each other is available for both.
  • When you invest in the on demand parcel service like Uber, as the owner of the combo business, you get to earn a little commission for each and every ride and/or delivery booked through your app.

The Productive Business Of Transporting Parcels And People Has A Lot Of Potential - Buy On Demand Delivery App Clone Today

Ride or delivery, both easily possible just by the click of a button. Invest in the app today and provide this unique facility to the world population.

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The very basic services come with the UberRush Clone.

However, you can get it customized to your specifications according to your business needs. You just need to say the word and we will do it for you and get your earning in just two days - a promise we keep.

Get earning now with this wonderful ride taxi with delivery app. You will thank us for our ingenuity when you see how fast your coffers start filling.

Web Panel's Included
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