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Plumber, Doctor, Electrician, Dog Walker, Home Cleaning, Car Wash, Midwife or escort, etc - Uber for all services clone, Uber for all Service Providers, housecall clone that caters to each and every individual need at the tap of a button.

On Demand Service Apps
Free Features of CubeServiceProvider App
  • Cubeserviceprovider Apps Installation
  • cubeserviceprovider Apps Approval on Play Stores
  • on demand service apps White Labeling
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Reports
  • Wallet
  • Life Time License
  • Licensed Code Open for Customization's
  • Responsive Web Panel's

On-Demand Service Apps Demo Video Live

Check our live working demo video for uber for all service providers, an interaction between customer and service provider from starting Job request to completion of Job.

Service on demand app demo videoUber for services
On demand service apps Script
Thumbtack Clone
All included Services in Application
  • On Demand BabySitter appBaby sitting
  • On Demand Beauty AppBeauty Services
  • On Demand App for Car WashCar Wash
  • On Demand App for CarpenteringCarpenter
  • On Demand App for CateringCatering
  • On Demand App for DatingDating
  • On Demand App for DJDJ
  • Doctor on Demand AppDoctor
  • On Demand Dog Grooming AppDog Grooming
  • Dog Walker On DemandDog walking
  • On Demand Electrician AppElectrician
  • Uber for EscortsEscort
  • On demand Fitness Coach AppFitness Coach
  • On Demand Flowers AppFlowers
  • On Demand House Cleaning AppHome Cleaning
  • On Demand Home Painting AppHome Painting
  • Uber for LaundryLaundry
  • On Demand App for LockSmithLock Smith
  • Uber for MaidsMaids
  • On Demand Massage AppMassage
  • On Demand Mom Cooking AppMom Cooking
  • On Demand Movers AppPackers Movers
  • On Demand Pest Control AppPest Control
  • On Demand Physiotheraphy AppPhysiotheraphy
  • Uber for PlumbersPlumber
  • On Demand Private Jet AppPrivate Jet
  • On Demand Security Guard AppSecurity Guard
  • On Demand App for Snow PlowsSnow Plows
  • On Demand Towing AppTow Truck
  • Uber for TutorsTutor
  • On Demand Vet AppVet
  • On Demand App for WineWine
  • On Demand App for WorkersWorkers
  • On Demand App for Small GigsSmall Gigs
  • On Demand App for Tour-GuideTour Guide
  • On Demand App for Insurance AgentInsurance Agent
  • On Demand App for Travel AgentTravel Agent
  • On Demand App for AmbulanceAmbulance
  • On Demand App for Real-Estate-AgentReal Estate Agent
  • On Demand App for Handy ManHandy Man

On Demand Service Apps - Providing Multi Services At The Flick Of A Button

  • Make your future with the one stop shop for all services. Whether it is hospitality, health or skilled labour, service apps like uber will provide all and more. Just a small investment and you will be the owner of the biggest multi-skilled business in town.
  • Anyone who wants a service, be it a nurse, carpenter, beautician or a maid, or any service that they require will have to register their personal and payment details on the local services mobile app. Once they have registered all the details they are ready to use on demand service apps to request the services that they require.
  • Therefore if they require the services of a maid, they will log onto the BIZZBY clone app and select the maid app and input what they require the maid for i.e. whether it is home cleaning, spring cleaning, end of lease cleaning etc. He will also input the location of the job, along with the time and date.
  • However every client has a different requirement and we have therefore included a unique setting in the admin panel whereby, you, the owner of the app can define the rate for each service or let the service providers add their own individual rates for the service. This whole operation is managed by the Admin.
  • The two options that we provide are as below. Select any one you prefer.
    • The App Admin decides the constant rate for each service provided by the app
    • The service provide will define his rate for each of the services he provides
  • The maids who are available at the requested time will appear on the app screen. The user can look at the profile of each maid, their experience, ratings and reviews and choose the one they think is best suited for the job they want to be done.
  • Depending on the service and category selected the user may also be able the rates the service provider charges by service or hour.
  • On confirming the maid, or the service provider, they will be notified of the job by via email or text message.
  • At the appointed time and date, the service provider will make their way to the client's premises and deliver the requested services. When they start the work, they will indicate the same on the app, and mark the job as "Complete" on completion of the task. An invoice will be generated at the end of the job. One copy will be sent to the service provider and the other to the client/user. At the same time payment will also be automatically deducted from the client's registered payment card.
  • The service provider and the client can rate each other if they wish, or write a review too. For every job booked through the on demand service apps, the app owner stands to make a hefty commission, therefore servicing his bank account in no time.

Adopt The Smart Way Of Requesting Various Services With Home Services Expert

Whether it is a personal service you require at short notice or a sudden emergency, the iOS App for hiring local service providers will make all the arrangements for the service you require. People prefer to use the on demand service apps to book any service from just one app.

Introduce people to the smart way of receiving services the smart way and get earning with the Android app for on-demand services, an app that will get you earning in just two to three days.

Uber for Service Providers On Demand Service iPhone Apps
4 Steps to Your Product
  • Download our Apps
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps
Core Features of Service Apps
Real Time Tracking System
Web Panels Included
The Ultimate Service Package - An Interactive Website, An Effective Service Provider Panel, And The Smart Client Panel - A Unique Service Package That Makes Money For You From Every Service That You Provide

Our on demand service apps has been designed with preset services. You can add or delete or even invent a new service should you wish to for your business. Just speak to us and we will make sure that your site and app are designed exactly to your specifications, giving you the service that you are looking for that will give you the best returns.

The world revolves around the service industry. Whether it is a doctor, or a dog walker, or even a tutor, we need all these services and more to survive. We are all interdependent on each other for our livelihood and that is why your business will flourish wherever you launch it. Revolutionise the service industry by investing in on demand service apps, Thumbtack Clone that provides services to the world.

On demand service apps package
  • On Demand Service Apps Flow
  • Service On Demand apps Splash screen
  • Service on demand apps Introduction Screen
  • On Demand Service Apps Login & Registration Screen
  • user and service provider account verification Screen
  • service provider and user menu screen
  • Choose service you want
  • book service provider
  • process between use and service provider
  • payment selection screen
  • Booking Process
    Job Request
  • job request accepted screen
  • internal chat between user and service provider
    Internal Chat Between User and Service Provider
  • Service provider reaches at job location screen
  • service provider started job
  • Job completed screen
  • Invoice summary
  • Ride book later screen
  • select best service provider in your area screen
  • Pending and upcoming job status
  • Job history screen
  • View past and upcoming jobs screen
  • Service provider manages services
  • service provider and user manage credit card
  • service provider view job and earning statistics
  • user and service provider edit profile & invite friends screen
  • panic/emergency button screen
  • user & service provider feedback screen
  • service on demand apps menu & about us screen
  • service on demand apps contact us & help screen
  • terms & condition & privacy policy screen


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