Uber Clone Script

Every Entrepreneur's Quick And Easy Money Making Product

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The Uber App Script, designed with the latest state of the art technology, is the answer to every entrepreneur's prayer who wants to get into the business of on-demand taxi.

The Perfect Uber Clone Script For Your Business

  • We are a trusted and a reliable company, who have designed this product with passion. We will ensure that you are fully satisfied with our product. We promise that we will be with you every step of the way, from your initial enquiry until the time your business is fully set up.
  • A system that takes only three days to launch
  • We will launch and install it on your Web Server and App Stores free of charge
  • Full technical support throughout the process
  • For every taxi hired through your app, you get a healthy commission
  • Resolve your financial worries by making easy money through your app
  • A unique license to protect your product from theft and plagiarism is also provided
  • Your product can be launched from anywhere in the world and can target any part of the world - any Country - any City, etc
  • Your app will only have your name and branding on the App and Web panels and our names and branding will be removed from all visible places. The apps will be white labelled on your brand name
  • The modes of payment are cash and credit card. The rider at the end of the ride pays the cash to the driver, whilst credit card payment is deducted automatically when the ride is completed. The site owner then pays the driver.
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An Outstanding Uber Clone Product

Google Play Stores and Apple Stores have approved our product. The web panel and the rider and drivers apps are 100% responsive and will show up on all handheld smart gadgets including all types of smartphones, tablets, iPads and iPhones as well as PC browsers.

The following phenomenal subsystems and apps are included in the package, enabling the site owner to fully manage the system.

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Taxi Online Service


Our Uber clone script app has the most advanced and user-friendly features, which make it easy for all users, including riders, drivers, companies and app owners to operate it.

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Start Your Own Uber

A small investment, a business with a bright future, and big returns, ideal for any entrepreneur.

Check Out Our Working Demo

Download and Install our live demo apps on your iPhone & Android Mobile Phones and see how the driver and passenger app work and synchronize with each other before taking the plunge to invest in them.

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Our prices will not leave a huge hole in your pocket. Choose your package from the available options.

mobile app visuals

Mobile App Visuals

Check out the workings of the iPhone/iOS mobile and Android Phones Apps for both rider and passenger by looking at the demo screen and visuals

web panel visuals

Web Panel Visuals

Check out our web panel visuals to see what the Driver, Passenger and Admin Web Panel look like.



Our highly skilled team will customise your product according to your specifications. Get your app designed according to your business needs.

white labelled solutions

White Labelled Solutions

If you want your brand, company, and domain name on your product, we will white label it for you too and launch it on your play stores with your unique brand.

Buy Now

Buy Now

Place your order and see how our team takes your order ahead in the most professional and systematic way and would launch the uber clone script apps for you.

Apps Systematic Manual

Have a look at our PDF Graphic manuals to see the systematic and detailed workings of the system. The manuals have a list of all the operations, features and practicality of the Rider App, the Driver App, the Driver and Passenger Web Panels, Admin Panel etc. If you require further details, please contact us by phone or email.

Demo video

How Your Investment Will Work In Real TimeStarting from hiring a taxi until the completion of the ride and subsequent reviews of both parties, you can see the detailed interaction between the passenger and driver just by playing the demo video.
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How We Will Support Your Enterpreneural Venture

  • Configuration and installation of the system on your Apple Store, Google Play Store and Web Server are absolutely free.
  • For the first year, we provide 24X7 support for bugs
  • You get a lifetime extended license for your domain/brand
  • If you want to make modifications and changes to your product, like changes to text and banner images, we will do them free during the first week.
  • You can make changes and customise your product according to your requirements, as our code is 100% scalable and open to modifications.
  • We charge a minimal hourly charge for customising our code.

The Phenomal Features That Your Product Will Have

  • Sign in and sign up facility for both driver and passenger is easy
  • Drivers and passengers have separate apps, designed according to their individual requirements
  • You can change the local currency and language depending on where you want to launch your app. This will be done at no cost to you. Once you select your chosen language, the change can be done on the site easily from the admin panel. Therefore, if you decide to launch the product in Botswana, the language will be changed to Setswana and the currency to Botswana Pula
  • You can use the system in any country and city of the world, due to its GEO location feature.
  • Save both time and money with our safe, automated and reliable system
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The Uber Clone Script Overview And Its Features

  • Easy Registration: Easy Sign In and Sign Up functionality for both Riders and Drivers.
  • Notifications: Functionality to send email notifications and alerts to Rider and Drivers.
  • App: Separate app for Driver and Rider
  • Management: Admin can have a easy access and control over the site.
  • Google Navigation: Launch the navigation app inside the app to get voice driven directions to the pickup and destination location.
  • Automatic Payment: Once the ride is complete, the payment is deducted automatically using Stripe API's and the invoice is sent to the passenger's phone and also to the passenger's registered email id.
  • Request proposals: Allows Riders to send request to multiple drivers one at a time. And Multiple Riders can send request to one Driver at a time.
  • Search Option: Allows the user to search location.


The Uber App Script Overview On How You Will Benefit

You will get the product as a perfect tool for all on-demand online hiring services. We offer 100% customizable source code, which can be tailored to meet your business requirements. You can be assured of:

  • Affordable pricing with Reliability
  • Prompt delivery
  • Excellent support on pre-sales and post sales inquiry
  • Customer Support
  • Liberty for customers on customization
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Still Doubtful

Your wait for the perfect business opportunity is now over.

Check out the free demo and workings of the apps, and see for yourself the uniqueness of the product. No frills, no hidden costs, just a high-quality product. Get yours before it is too late.

If you want to be the proud owner of an on-demand taxi business, just call us on our USA, UK or Indian Sales and Support number. Alternatively, you can complete our Enquiry Form or Buy Now Form, start a conversation with us, and make the best decision of your life.


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