Delivery On Demand App

Delivering Money Into Your Account When You Have Your Own Smart Delivery Business

If you want to start the digital business of making smart deliveries to people, postmates clone is your perfect start up idea.

Delivery On Demand App
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On demand delivery app is the need for today's times. Our Uber for delivery app is a specialised app that facilitates people to get their items delivered no matter what the item is or who wants it sent. This app can be used by a housewife, or an industrialist, a florist or a teacher. If you have a parcel that needs to go from point A to Point B, you can use this app. Anyone with a motorbike or a car or even a cargo truck can be the medium for delivery once they register themselves with the app.

The structure of this app is entirely based on 'on demand taxi apps' which have been used by millions of users globally. This app can be used on all kinds of digital mediums including iPhones, iPads, other tablets, PCs laptops and etc.

On Demand Delivery App Script
Fast delivery App


Watch the on-demand delivery app demo video for how interacting sender and a delivery boy with each other from delivery request to completion of delivery.

delivery on demand app live demo video

Uber Delivery Clone Working Efficiently For Your Business

  • The world and its population are moving very fast, so fast that everything needs to be done NOW. Whether it is food or a service, it has to be done in that very instance. The on demand revolution has revolutionized all services, including the delivery industry. Welcome to the postmates clone, an app that delivers now not tomorrow, not next week.
  • Any client who wishes to send a parcel, package or item instantaneously will have to register on the app by inputting their personal details. Clients can be anyone - ranging from florists, pizzerias, grocers, restaurants, milliners, tailors, well anyone. For a secure and guaranteed payment system, the credit/debit card details will also need to be registered.
  • When any of these clients need a delivery done, they will first need to log onto the delivery on demand app, after which they will enter the details of the item or package that needs to be delivered. They will choose the preferred mode of transport i.e. foot, cycle, bike, scooter, tractor, van etc, the date they want the delivery done, and where the delivery is supposed to be done. Depending on the item and the chosen mode of delivery, an estimated fare will come up on the screen.
  • Couriers available in the vicinity will appear on the screen, with their picture, profiles, reviews and ratings on display. The user makes a decision on which courier will get his business and the courier will receive a message accordingly. Communication between the two parties is now open.
  • The designated courier will be able to see the delivery details after which he will make his way to the pick-up location at the scheduled time to pick up the delivery. As soon as he picks up the delivery, he will indicate this fact on the delivery on demand app for food, as "Started". This indication will trigger the generation of a verification code, which will be sent to the receiver via a text message. On receipt of this code, the receiver is now in a position to track the courier as it makes its way to the delivery point.
  • The courier will hand over the item/package to the recipient on arrival. The recipient, in turn, will acknowledge the receipt of the package by handing over the verification code to the courier. The courier will input this code onto his app so that an invoice can be generated for payment purposes. The cost will automatically be deducted when the courier selects the "collect payment" option on the app, from the credit/debit card, which was fed into the system on registration
  • On demand parcel delivery app allows both the courier and the sender to review each other, whilst the owner gets a commission for the efficient service just provided.

Introduce People To Your New And Smart Way Of Making Deliveries Today

Efficient, smart and synchronized, the only way of sending deliveries for people who live a fast life. NOW is the magic word for them, but just a button away.

All you now need is the delivery on demand app for grocery to get started. Believe me, there is no looking back after you start. Your efficient service will be a hit with the people, such that you will be the only one they want for any delivery done.

Uber for Delivery On Demand Delivery iPhone App
on demand delivery app graphical flow
Sender and Driver Splash Screen
delivery on demand app Introduction Screen
sender and driver Login & Registration Screen
sender and driver Account Verification
on demand delivery Application Menu
Get your Parcel Delivered thru app
Driver Delivery Request Accept Screen
Sender request and driver accept notification
Delivery Driver Arriving Screen
Sender and Driver Chat Screen
Driver Arrived at Pickup location
Delivery Started Screen
Call Emergency Screen
Delivery Completed Screen
Invoice Summary Screen
Tip Feature Screen
Toll Calculation for USA
Waybill Screen
Condition to Start Delivery Screen
Surcharge & Delivery later Screen
Cancel Delivery Screen
Manage your Document & Features Screen
Payment Screen
Your Deliveries Screen
Driver Earning Statistics
Driver and Sender Wallet
Sender and Driver manage Profile
Sender and driver can Invite Friends to join application
Panic Button for Sender and driver
Sender and Driver Heat View
Sender & Driver Feedback Screen
Sender and driver Menu & About Us Screen
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Web Panels Included
A Package In A Class Of Its Own - A Savvy Website, An Effective Courier Panel And The Smart Sender Panel - Uber for parcel delivery App of The Millenium That Will Deliver Returns Directly Into Your Bank Account

We have designed our app such that it only offers the minimum features. However, that should not deter you from asking us to customize it to your business requirements. Please explain your vision to us and we will design that dream app for you and will get you earning in just two days.

Do away with Fedex, UPS, and DHL. You now have the very smart and efficient delivery on demand app builder doing all deliveries on demand.

web panels
On Demand delivery app Core Features
Multicurrency, multilanguage & payment selecetion feature
Real time tracking and booking scheduling Features


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