Lending A Helping Help On Your Terms - The Workers On Demand AppWhenever you need any sort of professional help, no matter where you are, when you want it, the on uber for workers will always be ready to deliver

The on demand workers app - Giving you the workers when you need them so that your business can operate smoothly.

On Demand workers App
Free Features of CubeWorkers App
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  • Advanced Analytics
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  • Wallet
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On Demand Service apps script
On demand workers app Script
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Workers on demand app - Bridging the gap between job seekers and clients

  • People are always lamenting about being not getting the right workers - maids calling in sick, on maternity leave, medical reasons, or just not getting the right staff for the job. There is now a solution for all these frustrated clients - the wonolulu app. All you need to do is make that investment in the uber for workers app and then market your product to all those frustrated worker hunters and tell them how this app works to provide them with the workers that they so desperately require.
  • People who have a requirement for workers to do odd jobs can request them using the on demand workers app. The user will first need to download the app from the relevant app store, Apple or Apple, and register on it by inputting his personal details. The required details include the name, address, contact number and email address of the employer. He will also have to register his debit/credit card details. These are required for payment purposes.
  • Once the registration is complete, he can simply log onto the app and choose the type of worker her needs from the pre-listed categories, depending on what his needs are - carpenter, locksmith, plumber, etc. Once he has chosen the category, he will need to input details about the job that requires the worker. For example, if he has chosen plumber in the first category, then in the sub category he will need to specify what type of plumber he needs, residential, service and repair, commercial etc.
  • The two options that we provide are as below. Select any one you prefer.
  • Once all the information has been completed, the user can see the details of all the nearby workers. Details of the workers include pictures, credentials, ratings and reviews, experience and references that can be checked out if required. The user will be able to check out the details of each and every worker available and then put in a job request. Along with the job request, he will also intimate when he wants the job done, as in now or at a later date as well as how long the job will last.
  • He will also choose the method of payment to the worker i.e wallet, cash or card.
  • The worker who is the closest will get the job request first. He can opt to accept or decline the job within 30 seconds. In case he declines the job, it will automatically be passed onto to the next nearest worker and this will continue until a worker accepts the job request.
  • Once a worker has accepted the job request, the chat facility will open up allowing him to chat with the employer and vice versa. Depending on when the job has been scheduled, the worker will make his way to the user's premises and indicate the job as "STARTED" on the app. This action will make the worker "visible" on the cient's app and can be tracked as he makes his way to the premises.
  • The worker will deliver the service and will indicate the job as "COMPLETE" on the staff on demand app. The payment summary will also be displayed on the client's app screen. The payment will simultaneously be deduced from the user's payment card if that is his chosen method of payment.
  • The worker and the client have the facility to rate the experience and rate each other. An invoice will be generated, with one copy being emailed to the worker and the other to the employer.
  • As the owner of the workers on demand app, you receive a percentage commission for every job that is booked and delivered through your app. This commission mounts up to quite a lucrative amount every day as there is always a demand for good workers.

Wonolulu app Clone - Helping you hire good workers the smart way

There is always a high demand for professional and skilled workers. Temporary or permanent, there is always a need for workers for odd jobs or to replace the ones who have retired, resigned or are off sick or on maternity leave. There is only one destination for all your odd job needs - the uber for workers app. Provide that smart platform that links skilled job seekers to clients who are looking for their services by investing in the app. Save everyone's time and money whilst getting all the jobs done promptly through this very smart and sophisticated app.

Once you invest in the Mila app clone, you can start earning in just 2 days - how's that for quick and easy money?

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4 Steps to Your Product
  • Download our Apps
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps
Core Features of workers on demand App
Real Time Tracking System
Web Panels Included
The Complete Working Package - A User-Friendly Website, A Smart Worker Panel, And The Easy To Use Client Panel - A Package That Provides Skilled And Professional Staff In Just A Couple Of Taps.

We have designed our workers on demand app with some predefined listing of services. However, if you are in need of a unique service for your venture or you require additional services, just say the word and our team will be more than happy to accommodate you. We will ensure that you get your dream app such that within a short time your investment will start to pay off and you start reaping its rewards.

There is a never ending list of why workers do not turn up to work, ill health, family emergency, maternity or paternity leave, sick dependants etc. This leaves people short staffed, maybe at a time when their services are most required. Now with your app, employers will easily replace absent staff with just a few clicks and get normal service resumed. Whatever they require, your app will deliver - workers to your clients and money into your bank account. A smart way of working indeed!

On demand workers app package
  • on demand workers app graphical flow
  • on demand workers app splash screen
  • Uber for workers app introduction screen
  • login & registration screen
  • account verification screen
  • Application menu screen
  • choose service
  • book service provider
  • request status
  • payment option selection screen
  • User send request screen
    Job Request
  • request accepted screen
  • chat between user & provider screen
  • provider reaches at job location screen
  • on demand workers app job started screen
  • job completed screen
  • invoice summary screen
  • book later option screen
  • available workers in your area screen
  • Pending jobs
  • job history screen
  • view past & upcoming job screen
  • manage service on demand workers app
  • payment option screen
  • earning statistics screen
  • edit profile & invite friends screen
  • panic button screen
  • user & provider feedback screen
  • app menu & about us screen
  • contact us & help screen
  • terms & condition & privacy policy screen


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