Uber Roadside Assistance App

Jump into the bandwagon of this new business with by helping suffering travellers marooned away from home!

Help your weary travelers and their vehicles by putting in a little money in the Uber for Tow trucks app. Let people find a tow truck, while you find some money just by helping out!

on demand roadside assistance app
features of cubetowtruck
  • towing apps installation
  • towing apps approval on play store
  • towing apps white labelling
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Reports
  • Wallet
  • Life Time License
  • Licensed Code Open for Customization's
  • Responsive Web Panel's

The Perfect Script

This digitally superior uber for tow trucks app has been designed on the bones of a very successful tried and tested taxi app, which is pre-approved in the Google play store as well as the Apple stores. All the components of this app, including the tow truck website, the tow truck driver/roadside assistant panel or the client panel are absolutely responsive.

They function with utmost efficiency across various platforms like android and iOS and also over any device regardless of whether it is PC, tablet or a smartphone. Here are the top features of the beautiful and smart app.

tow truck app perfect script
Tow Truck On Demand App Script

Step By Step Guide To How The Uber For Roadside Assistance App Works

  • A compact and powerful app is the shortest ladder to success and the Uber for tow trucks and roadside assistance is just that and more! Put in a few bucks and reap the benefits.
  • To use this app, your customer will first have to download it in their device. On downloading one will be required to fill in all the necessary details including profile and credit/debit card details. Now this user is completely equipped to help himself in any roadside trouble.
  • If your user gets trapped, abandoned, stuck or in the need of vehicular assistance due to any reason, he can simply log on to the app, choose the kind of tow truck he requires and the service he requires.
  • There is a list of all the services offered by the app including flat tire assistance, lost key assistance and many more. The user can choose from these listed services and for the one that he needs most.
  • Being the sole owner and admin of the app, you will be required to set and manage the prices for all these services. You decide the categories and you decide the price you want to charge for the same.
  • On selection, the user will mention his location and desired time of pick up. He will also be required to mention the destination at which he wants his vehicle dropped. Once he has filled in these details, the profiles of all the truck drivers around his area will be shown to him. He can make a final selection on the basis of previous reviews and rating, prices etc.
  • On accepting the request for the job, the roadside rescuer suggested by your app will be able to communicate with the user through chat or call. What's more, the user will be able to track the movement of the assistance or tow truck in real time.
  • The payment for the task will be automatically deducted from the app by the pre-fed information of card details, once the vehicle reaches its destination, or the kind of assistance required has been met. The rate can be set on the basis of kilometres or miles, or a fixed per hour rate or both by the admin.
  • Once the whole operation is concluded, the roadside saviour and the user can give reviews about each other and rate each other.

Haul In The Money With This Seamless Uber For Roadside Assistance App Right In Your Pockets!

Your fingers and your smartphone are the only two things you need to get this business going! Just make a quick investment in this long term benefit reaping app and leave the rest on us. Big bank notes are waiting to get towed into your bank accounts!

uber for tow trucks uber for roadside assistance iPhone app
4 Steps to Your Product
  • Download our Apps
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps
core features of tow truck app
Multicurrency/Multilanguage god eye view
Real Time Tracking System
All Inclusive Deal-With The Web Panel!
A Smart Two Trucking Solution On Your Fingertips - An inimitable Website, An elegant and competent Tow Trucking Panel, and The revolutionary User Panel - Growing in perfect harmony With Each Other

Our Uber for Tow Trucks app is the vanilla version, however; we'd love to add all your personals sprinklers on it. Let us know if you have a great idea that you want us to add to it and our efficient team o professionals would be more than happy to zing it up.

Just contact us and get a FREE demo to a wonderful app that could be yours!

Roadside Assistance app web panels
  • tow truck app graphical flow
  • tow truck app splash screen
  • tow truck app introduction screen
  • car owner and tow truck driver app login/registration screen
  • car owner and tow truck driver app account verification
  • car owner and tow truck driver app menu screen
  • car owner choose the service they want
  • car owner book a tow truck driver
  • roadside assistance get online
  • car owner choose payment mode
car owner sending request
tow truck driver accept or reject request
  • tow truck driver accept car owner request
  • internal chat between car owner and tow truck driver
    Internal chat feature in car owner and tow truck driver app
    • car owner and tow truck driver app reaches the job location
    • car owner and tow truck driver app job started screen
    • car owner and tow truck driver app job completed screen
    • tow truck app invoice summay screen
    • car owner app book later option screen
    • car owner select best tow truck driver in your area
    • Upcoming and pending job request screen
    • tow truck app job history screen
    • car owner view past and upcoming jobs
    • tow truck driver manage services screen
    • car owner and tow truck driver app payment option screen
    • tow truck driver's job and earnings statastics
    • car owner and tow truck driver edit profile and invite friends to join the app
    • emergency button for car owner and tow truck driver
    • car owner and tow truck driver app feedback screen
    • tow truck app support menu & about us screen
    • tow truck app contacts us & help screen
    • terms and conditions & Privacy policy screen


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