Uber Alternatives in Mexico

Mexico is considered to be one of the world’s most favored locations for tourists. This is the biggest contributing factor to the growth of taxi platforms. The country of Mexico has more than 140,000 fully functioning taxicabs.

The working business model of taxicabs is very different in Mexico than in the rest of the world. In comparison to taxi fares in Mexico, the mass transit system, including local buses, peseros (micro buses), and metro, is relatively cheap.

Although the local untrained Taxi drivers in Mexico generally don’t speak English, learning some Spanish words can help the tourists communicate and present themselves as a person who cannot be ripped off by the prices.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Ride-hailing in Mexico
  • App Based Uber Alternative
  • A Bit of History
  • Become a Smart Entrepreneur
  • How to Choose the Best Uber Alternative Company?
  • Conclusion

At night, opt for an app-based taxi rather than hailing one on the street, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the city and don’t speak Spanish.

However, this differs in other provincial and major tourist cities such as Merida, Playa del Carmen, Cancún, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Puerto Vallarta.

Traveling by taxi in these places is generally considered safe.

Ride-hailing in Mexico

Taxicabs operating in the towns and cities outside of Mexico City are either metered, not metered, or charge passengers by zones. But for most cases, the metered fare is the correct one for the journey as it is verified annually as part of the taxi’s license.

On the other hand, many provincial cities in Mexico do not have meters, and there is no official zone fare-base system either. In these cases, the tourist has to agree to the price willing to pay with the cab driver beforehand charged on a ‘per kilometer’ basis in different zones. To avoid this, it is best to book a taxi through a Taxi app like Uber.

App Based Uber Alternative

In 2008, the government instigated new background checks on drivers, issuing new forms of official ID. The difference is that all newly licensed cabs have a white license plate beginning with a capital letter and five numbers. This has resulted in the crimes related to taxis plummeting on a much lower scale.

When in Mexico, consider using Uber or Cabify for safer travel instead of hailing a taxi on the street. Many people, especially middle-class Mexicans and women in particular, are by-passing street cabs in favor of app-based taxicabs.

If you are based out of Mexico and have done your fair share of research on which city to target and which audience to advertise, all you need is an app like Uber to kick-start your taxi app business.

A Bit of History

There is Uber in Mexico, and it has been around for about 10 years since it started its service in 2013, but it has its ups and downs to build a greater market base.

After issues with local taxi unions, Uber stopped its operations in Mexico in 2017 but started its operation again in 2019. Still unhappy with Uber’s presence, the local taxi unions continuously make threats to Uber drivers.

This has made it challenging to operate in some parts of the country due to opposition from local taxi drivers.

In some cities in Mexico, there are Uber alternatives like Didi, Cabify, and Lyft available in case one want to compare prices or cannot find a ride on Uber. However, they have yet to find much success in Mexico as of now.

However, those earlier times are gone, and people no longer are dependent on a whistle to get a taxi.

This is why we have emerged as a self-sufficient society. Our mobile phones and applications can do the needful for our convenience and freedom.

The on-demand sector is prospering like never before.

Become a Smart Entrepreneur

The process of building an app from scratch is a very complicated one and requires an innate sense of coding and app development. Become a smart entrepreneur and invest in ready-made on-demand taxi apps that are built on the exact model of Uber.

Popularly known as the clone app, these Mexico Uber alternatives stand behind the large force of budding entrepreneurs who want the cheapest and quickest way to have their vision turned into reality.

If you want to start a taxi business in Mexico, you have to partner with drivers more carefully than any other place. This requires doing stringent criminal background checks and drug screenings.

Start with safety and efficiency, harboring drivers well-equipped with local regulations in place. This can be a niche city in Mexico that any current Taxi business still has not touched.

Going on that route will be profitable for your app developers instead of your business. And, of course, you will have to wait a couple of years to make sure that the app sees the light of the day.

A different path will only take you only 7-8 days with smart white labeling. This means that the features will be far much better than the current version.

How to Choose the Best Uber Alternative Company?

Most clone apps are based on the same script as the original app. But you have to make sure that the company you are hiring to do the white-labeling has at least a decade of experience on paper and has launched countless apps for their clients based on this clone technology.

  • Committed Team – Opt to a partner that has a full-fledged, equipped team of developers working for them. This team builds the app and keeps it ready for purchase.
  • Expansive Portfolio – The best way to check the background of the company is to take a look at its portfolio and the number of clients they have successfully made different clone apps. To understand it, you have to test it yourself with a live demo of the app available on the iOS and Google Play Store and try it hundreds of times before making the purchase.
  • Licensed Source Code – See the feedback or testimonials, and, of course, remember to check if they are offering the licensed source code of the app along with the purchase or not.

The technology to run a taxicab business in Mexico is abundant. If you need help with how to proceed, start with the Uber Clone app. With patience and strategic business planning, expand your business by becoming a top Uber alternative in just a few days. You can start making profits from day 1!


Consider entering the on-demand taxi app business to capitalize on its dominance. Uber gained half a million users in Mexico City in its first two years of operation.

Uber offered features like GPS tracking, digital receipts, and a transparent payment system, which were not available in the traditional taxi industry. With the help of an Uber Clone app, a taxi business with a much larger market base can change the landscape of taxicabs in places with strict unions by leveraging technology and the support of people, tourists, natives, etc from all around the world.