Uber Clone Script Readymade App

We all know about Uber. We have witnessed how Uber in 7 years changed the face of the transportation industry. Before Uber, people didn’t know the concept of uber clone app on the go. Now that the business model has made a monopoly, several businesses are now showing interest in developing an app like Uber. And why not we always want to follow things that are successful and Uber is no surprise.

Why Uber Clone Script Solution?

Uber Script Solution is identical to the Uber Business Model that encouraged several entrepreneurs to start their own taxi booking business like Uber. 

Developing Uber Clone App for your taxi business will allow you ample opportunities to scale up your taxi booking business. Entrepreneurs and budding startups looking for a smooth transition with less capital creating Uber cloned scripts is a good alternative for their taxi booking business. Furthermore, you can offer other services such as food delivery, package delivery, freight transportation, grocery delivery to earn more revenue in multiple ways.

How To Start A Taxi Booking App like Uber Taxi?

To start an on-demand Ride-hailing App like Uber you must have strong know-how about the business. Their strategies and what makes them a monopoly in the businesses. 

Using Uber Clone Scripts solutions that are readily available can be a huge plus. It not only saves money but resources and time is taken to launch your online taxi business.
The readymade scripts for taxi booking app make it easy to start by hiring reliable On-demand Uber Clone App development companies having in-depth knowledge in building and launching a Taxi booking app like Uber.  Furthermore, the app development team will be present to answer all the queries. success for a taxi app solution is a reliable tech partner – an app development company that knows everything about taxi app development and related technologies.

Here you have reached the right place to start your dream business.

Why Makes Our App Like Uber The Best On-demand Taxi Booking App? 

  • 100% White-label solution
  • It has attractive UI/UX
  • New version features exclusively designed for Uber Clone
  • Our Uber Clone App will have your brand name and logo
  • Offers customization without any technical help 
  • 24/7 full-technical support, bug support, up-gradation for 365 days
  • Affordable price plans to launch Uber Clone App in 5 days

New Version Uber Clone 2021 Features

Give your passengers a whole new level of taxi-riding experience with our customized native Android and iOS Uber Clone app solutions. The new features include:

Restricted passenger limit – The driver will restrict the passenger limit based on the latest COVID19 traveling rules

Face mask verification – The Uber Driver has to upload the selfie into the app verifying that they are wearing the mask during the trip.

Safety checklist – The app displays the checklists to the users while booking the trip. 

Safety ratings and reviews –The app asks the rider to give the ratings based on how well the safety measures were followed.

Ride cancellation

The driver and the rider both have the flexibility to cancel the ride if COVID19 safety measures are not practiced.

Apply toll cost manually

In some countries, there are no tolls to consider. In such circumstances, the feature the driver can add the charges manually and added to the invoice once the trip ends.

OTP verification 

The driver will ask for the OTP confirmation code from the user/rider to begin the trip.

Graphical status of the ride

The feature enables the rider by updating the status of the ride via Graphical icons via in-app notifications.

In Conclusion

Our Uber Clone App is the ideal choice for budding startups and entrepreneurs who are already running a taxi business. Hiring an Uber Clone App Development company will help you build a customized taxi booking solution. It is a readymade solution which means once you place the order your on-demand taxi booking app will be launched in a week.

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