Uber Clone The Best App For Your Taxi Business

Uber! We all know what kind of transformation it has brought to our transportation industry. Only 7 years old company and it has managed to raised million in its funding, You raised your hand and a taxi used to stop. Sure this is the most convenient way till now but, for that, you need to get out of the house and walk on the road to do so. Uber changes this. Now you can hail a cab in just a few clicks from your smartphone. Uber Taxi App made the cab service a “NEED” by making it extremely affordable. Not only this but, it has changed the way people used to do their taxi business. Considering the fact, submitting the app in the App Store and Play Store was not easy. As there was no Uber clone app before this.

Today the situation is opposite poles. The demand for developing an app like Uber is constantly increasing. The primary reason behind developing Uber Clone App that offers a seamless experience, a great earning experience for the drivers along with growing a strong brand. 

Recently, the market is full of taxi ride-sharing apps. 

New kinds of Taxi Booking Apps keep coming, inspired by Uber and tremendous success every entrepreneur desires to grab a piece of that pie. 

So, if you are looking to create an Uber Clone App Solution, it is crucial to figure out this on-demand taxi booking app company’s approaches to technology and business processes.

Why Choose Our Uber Clone For Doing Taxi Business?

If you count the countries that Uber covers, it has reached 84 and 900 cities offering taxi booking and riding services round the clock. You can understand how flawless this business model is in that works without a glitch, any errors. Uber has been the supreme leader when it comes to the transportation industry. This has brought a revolutionary change in the taxi ride-hailing business and multiple entrepreneurs are entering with their own Uber Clone App versions. 

Our Uber Clone App is the on-demand business model with intensification to meet the demand and supply of the customer’s travel needs. 

Our approach towards developing an Uber-like App is: 

  • Develop a successful taxi booking Uber-like App that aggregates the demand.
  • Provide you with the scalable Uber-Like App so that when your taxi booking business starts growing you can easily expand in any location and grow without spending extra money.
  • Meets your demand of your customers through seamless connectivity.
  • The Uber Clone Script Solution is a white-label solution hence it is a readymade script that can customize as per your taxi business demands.

How Does Uber Clone App Works?

  • Our Uber Clone App offers two options – the user can book the cab for an immediate ride or can schedule and ride late. 
  • The Uber drivers driving in that proximity accepts the requests
  • The driver will then either accepts or rejects the ride. If the ride request is rejected it automatically shifts to the other driver. 
  • The customer gets the notification along with the driver details, car model, color, ratings of the driver as well as the estimated time for the pickup 
  • Our Uber Clone App comes integrated with multiple payment options that make the payment processing quick. 

If you’re striving to create an Uber Clone App, there is a need to have an Out-Of-Box-Features, great scalability, user-friendly functionalities. All these and much more can be achieved by hiring an outsourcing Uber Clone App Development company from India.

Uber Clone App New Version Features For 2021

We don’t want you to become a routine, usual taxi booking app. But, we wish that your ride-hailing app is successful the moment it is launched. And for that, we have integrated our Uber Clone App with new versoin features 2021. 

Restricted passenger limit

The driver will restrict the passenger limit based on the latest COVID19 taxi traveling rules.

Face mask verification

The Uber driver has to upload the selfie into the app verifying that he/she is wearing the mask.

Safety checklists

The app displays the taxi ride safety checklist to the users every time they book the taxi.

Safety ratings and reviews

The app asks for ratings and reviews regarding the safety measures practiced by the user.

Ride cancellation

The driver and the user can both cancel the ride if either of them is not following the COVID19 safety measures

Apply toll cost manually

In some countries, there are no tolls to consider. In such circumstances, the feature the driver can add the charges manually and added to the invoice once the trip ends.

Fare calculation 2 methods

Choose the fare calculation based on:

  • Allowing the rider to pay as per the estimated fare
  • Calculates the fare based on the road traveled by the rider

Graphical status of the ride

The feature enables the rider by updating the status of the ride via Graphical icons via in-app notifications.

Apart from the above-mentioned new features, our Uber Clone App comes integrated with advanced level features that includes Gender preferences, Shop/Stop/Eat while riding, Shuttle services, In-app chat/call support, Book ride for someone else, Corporate rides, Child seat/disability preferences, etc.

In Conclusion

Our customized Uber-like app is developed as per your instructions and technicalities, features you wish to integrate. We as a leading mobile app development company in India will provide you technical documentation with complete transparency regarding the OS platform, features, functionalities, cost of the Uber Clone App to make sure that it is a hassle-free launch in the App Store and Play Store. Our expert Uber Clone App development team will offer you an unmatchable strategy tailored just for you. 

Feel free to ask for a live demo and view our client testimonials to know our dedication to our work. 

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