Launch the Best Taxi Booking Application

This blog talks purely about how you can start a business that is very similar to the giant taxi booking app Uber. Uber is one of the biggest names when it comes to booking instant taxi rides from one location to another within the same city. Also, if the rider wants to book a taxi to the neighboring city they can book one with rentals. Just like Uber, even the clone app offers the option of carpooling to people who want to save money on their daily rides to the office, school, or any other place!


Logging onto the idea of app development for your taxi business means that the entrepreneurs get to enjoy a certain set of benefits like no other ordinary business. Let’s learn about a few of them.

  • The benefit of low investment. Implying that building a clone app or rebranding a pre-built app is far more affordable than building it from scratch. For instance, to build the app from scratch, the entrepreneur has to spend at least a quarter to a million dollars as you’d be spending on the office premise, latest tech gadgets, expensive tools, and software licenses. However, getting the app rebranded will only cost a fraction of this amount and zero effort in purchasing software, recruiting an IT team, paying salaries, etc.
  • The benefit of humongous earnings as rebranding a ready-made taxi booking app requires low investment and in turn, has the best business models. The entrepreneur earns a commission on every taxi ride booked through the app or, a higher membership subscription fee from the service providers. In short, huge Return on Investment (ROI.)


Here are the steps involved in building the most affordable, robust, latest tech-enriched, and fully-functional taxi app like uber.

1. Find a white-labeled solution

Finding the best white-labeled solution means the entrepreneur gets all the above-mentioned benefits. A white-labeled app means that the entrepreneur can:

  • Add their preferred currencies, language, and even payment gateways.
  • Launch the app in just 7 – 10 days.
  • Get a lifetime licensed source code for one domain and get complete ownership of the app.
  • Earn profits by integrating the business model of their choice.

Remember, before you finalize purchasing a white-labeled solution, try the free demo apps for a better understanding of the features, functions, design, and workflow of the app.

2. Tell the Project Manager about your requirements

Discussing the app requirements with the Project Manager is necessary as they are the mediators between the entrepreneur and the app development team. The Project Manager can the entrepreneur get regular project updates, communicate with the team, and get the Scope Document.

The Scope Document contains every piece of information about the deliverables and the overall cost of the uber clone app development.

3. Review the developed apps

Once the entrepreneur purchases the app package of their choice, the app development team will start working on it. After they’ve completely white-labeled the app, the team will upload the app to the firm’s development server. Check, review, and approve the apps accordingly so that experts can move on to the final step in this process.

4. Go live in just 7 – 10 days

Once the apps are approved by the entrepreneur, the app development team will move ahead and launch the apps. The apps are launched on the app stores that the entrepreneur wants. Google Play Store, iOS App Store, or Huawei Store only if they want to.


Start your own business like Uber in only a week. Because it takes only a fraction of USD 250,000 to get the app rebranded. Purchase the white-labeled uber clone today. After you’ve tried demo app and start raking in millions in profits right from day 1 you launch the apps.

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