12 Supreme Features To Make Your Taxi App Stand Out

How long will it take to create an Ube Clone App?

What kind of features to include in Uber Clone Taxi Booking App?

Where shall I start from?

Do these questions overwhelm you? Then, my friend, you are on the right page here. The blog post is all about making your Uber Clone Taxi App successful. 

Since the launch of Uber, the taxi and ground transportation industries have seen a noticeable increase, if not a massive upheaval. The popularity of Uber, as well as the glam jam of the Uber application, has resulted in a swarm of people and businesses wishing to create an app comparable to Uber.

V3Cube is a leading Uber Clone Taxi Booking App Development that provides you with the following twelve amazing, never-seen, competitive features that stand you ahead in the business race.

iWatch App for Taxi Booking

It allows Apple Watch users to book taxis directly from their wrist. The iWatch App is identical to the Uber Clone App in terms of functionality. As a result, you make it simple for your users to earn more trips, which means more income.

Location-Based Push Notifications

This feature allows the administrator to target users based on their location. It simplifies the process of sending notifications, mass announcements, and other similar messages.

Restricting the capacity of the driver to defraud

Before reaching the user’s location, the function prevents the driver from marking “Arrived.” People gain trust as a result of the fare procedures, which leads to additional trip bookings.

Consent to cook pop-up

The feature informs users about the use of “cookies” and requests their agreement. The Cookie Consent Popup is GDPR and EU cookie directive compliant.

Verifying cellphone numbers with Firebase

Google Firebase allows you to verify your phone number for free up to 10,000 times. Following that, the app owner must pay according to the plan package. When compared to third-party SMS services, which are charged and pricey, it is significantly less expensive.

Covid19 Safety Feature

Using our Uber clone, our users and drivers are provided with pre-safety instructions, such as putting on a mask and requesting the driver, safety ratings and reviews, ride cancellation, and a passenger limit.

Apply Toll Cost Manually

There are no tolls to consider in some nations. In such cases, the driver can manually enter the charges, which will be added to the invoice once the journey is completed.

Taxi Fare Calculations 2 Models

Choose a taxi fare computation method based on the following criteria:

  • Allowing the rider to pay according to the fare estimate
  • The fare is calculated based on the route taken by the rider.

OTP verification

The driver will ask the user/rider for the OTP confirmation code before starting the journey.

Graphical Status of rides 

The user receives the in-app graphical status of the ride on a real-time basis.

Multiple Languages & Currencies

Uber Clone Taxi Booking App comes integrated with 10 multiple languages and currencies including English and American USD Dollar. Thus, offering a hassle-free launch across the globe of your taxi business.

 Secured Payment Gateway Integration

It is critical to provide multiple payment methods for your users to provide more payment flexibility. We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. We specialize in a variety of payment gateways to make every transaction as simple as possible.

Wrapping Up

There will be intense competition in the On-Demand Transportation Market in the next years. As a result, for your taxi booking firm to succeed in 2021, create a sleek, easy-to-use design with brand new features Uber Clone App.

Keep in mind that the sooner you start, the better. Because the app is a one-time investment, contact an Uber Clone App Development Company for a free consultation. Take a look at the demo and customize your Taxi Booking App to your liking. You will be able to tweak it now without technical support because it is a prepared app built on open-source technology.

You’ll be able to launch your Uber clone app in 7 working days if you do it this way.

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